We’re Leaders in B2B Predictive Pricing and Sales Applications

Zilliant provides companies with predictive, data-driven guidance, enabling better pricing and sales decisions to help businesses make their numbers. The Zilliant Optimization Platform uses advanced science in its price optimization and sales effectiveness applications to drive measurable financial results for B2B companies. Our flexible SaaS model enables customers to quickly and confidently improve their financial performance by integrating into existing systems and processes. Zilliant helps companies price more profitably and sell more effectively, driving top- and bottom-line growth of 5 to 10 percent or more.

Learn how Zilliant’s Four P’s help companies like yours make their numbers:

  • Predictive: Hindsight analytics are not directly actionable – they tell you only what happened in the past, not how to make better decisions in the future. Predictive models provide answers to key sales questions: which customers to call on, which products to sell and what prices to quote. Zilliant delivers predictive guidance to optimize your sales decisions, forecast the impact of pricing strategies on your P&L, reverse customer churn and anticipate your buyers’ needs.
  • Proven: Zilliant has a decade-long track record helping B2B industrial companies improve P&L performance. That’s why we help customers get started with our Pilot Program, to conclusively prove the benefit while minimizing risk. Using our proprietary measurement methodology, we quantify the financial benefit delivered over the life of the subscription.
  • Platform: Zilliant Software-as-a-Service Optimization Platform enables significantly faster deployments, immediate access to new features and science, better quality and support, extensibility to new applications, and unlimited scalability for our customers, compared with on-premise solutions.
  • Partner: Customers have a dedicated customer success manager, who not only provides support and training, but proactively helps customers gain adoption and maintain alignment to business priorities. By innovating with our customers on new optimization applications, we maximize the value and scope of the relationship.

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No More Settling for “Good Enough” Decisions

Nearly 60 years ago, a leading scientist in the fields of cognitive psychology and artificial intelligence coined the phrase ‘satisficing’ to describe the dilemma that people face when making decisions. Even though our own rationality drives us to make the optimal choice, the process usually requires more time, information and effort than we have available. Instead, we end up making decisions that are good enough to satisfy and suffice, and leave it at that.

Businesses too often satisfice when making decisions. Just think about the way in which many companies negotiate prices or determine which customers need the most attention from their sales team. Advances in data availability and communication tools are driving some improvements, but many important decisions still boil down to well-educated guesses.

We believe that businesses no longer have to satisfice. Affordable and effective predictive sales applications are available across all facets of business, guiding purchasing, supply chain, manufacturing, and even complex B2B selling.

Zilliant’s predictive applications guide sales people to achieve superior performance by systematically accounting for market dynamics like price sensitivity, cost volatility, changes in demand and customer purchase patterns. The resulting improvements occur one sales call, one order line item at a time, but add up to significant revenue and profit gains.

Science Simplifies By Recommending The Best Path Forward

Magellan had it tough. When he sailed the seas, his only hope for understanding where he was going was to track the course of where he’d been. Even this basic measurement and logging was hard work requiring the use of complicated tools, expensive charts and lots of stargazing.

Over hundreds of years, navigation continued to focus on calculating where you’ve been…until GPS changed the paradigm. Now, you don’t really have to be concerned with where you’ve come from to know how best to reach your destination. Technology, science and data came together to transform reactive navigation into proactive guidance — and on top of that, made the capability far simpler and more accessible.

In similar fashion, companies mostly rely on historical analysis to set their course for revenue and profit growth. Through the years, new methods improved the accuracy of backward-looking descriptive analytics, but the new tools and processes added complexity and left many businesses drowning in data. As you might expect, this inefficient approach to business analysis is yielding to a dramatically better way.

A new class of forward-looking predictive applications is changing the game,transforming data and strategies into contextual guidance and genuine market knowledge. Extensive research has shown that when these data-driven recommendations are provided to a company’s domain experts, they consistently outperform their counterparts who don’t have the guidance. What’s equally important is that predictive guidance can not only make us more successful in reaching our goals, it can make it easier too.

You Can Speed Past Your Competition

The fastest human in the world – pushed to his limit – can run 28 miles per hour. We used to believe that running was the fastest we could go under our own power…until we invented the bicycle. With bikes, anyone can speed past the fleetest of foot and outlast them by miles.

Technology innovation continuously redefines world-class performance, with particularly amazing results whenever breakthroughs take the form of man plus machine. It’s changed how we navigate the earth, sea and sky. It’s changing how we gather information, communicate and learn. And it’s changing how companies and their employees make decisions.

We passionately believe in the power of predictive guidance to help people make decisions that drive superior financial performance. Of course, it’s an easy belief for us because we’ve helped make it happen with our customers over and over again. The biggest step you need to take to make it happen for your company is to view decision making from a new perspective. Once you’ve accepted that data and science can help you do better, you’re on your way to a higher level of performance and understanding.

This mental leap can be a little scary…not unlike the first wobbly ride on a bicycle. But our customers will attest to the fact that the results are well worth it. With predictive guidance you can quickly hit your stride and speed past your competition. As challenging as it might be at the beginning, it can quickly become as easy as riding a bike.