Maximizing P&L Performance while Minimizing Risk

Applied science is about identifying opportunities to improve business performance. In the realm of B2B sales, this means providing decision-making guidance to increase revenues, profits and market share. The catch is that the interrelationships between price, margin and win-rate gains on one front can carry downside risk on another. The power of optimization is the ability to take these interrelationships into account and maximize the overall gains — something that rules-based systems cannot do.

Zilliant science is designed to maximize B2B P&L performance with minimal risk. Our models do this by accounting for all important business dynamics, including customer price response, sales offer behavior, and external factors like costs, capacity and competition. We refer to our unique, holistic approach as Action Response Modeling™. When you make changes (i.e. take Action), the model predicts the business impact most likely to result when sales people, customers and competitors react to those changes (i.e. Response).

To fully understand optimized guidance and expected results, we generate smart scenarios that reflect ‘next best alternatives’ compared to the optimal. This enables you to interpret and refine your strategy inputs in order to find the best combination of strategies to achieve the desired results.