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Overcoming the Price Exception Quagmire

Each and every day, pricing professionals are up against a seemingly never-ending queue of pricing exception, or approval, requests. What used to be reserved for truly exceptional cases is now the norm, but where did the pricing process go so wrong? On September 8, a key group of market leaders in the pricing community shared their insights, experiences and cases for overcoming the price exception quagmire. Watch the full recording now for these valuable insights:

  • Barrett Thompson, general manager of pricing excellence, on how the pricing process spun out of control over the past few decades. He also shares some unintended consequences the price exception quagmire has on B2B companies.
  • Eric Hills, Zilliant CMO, on how one industrial distributor achieved a paradigm shift from sales reps requesting exceptions to pricing on base guidance, and the gross margin gains they achieved from it.
  • Rick Chappel, Zilliant practice director, on how one industrial manufacturer leveraged price to not only overcome a price exception quagmire, but boost revenue growth as well.