With thousands of customers, how do you know you’re getting everything you can out of each one?

At a major manufacturer of commercial lighting, managers knew they weren’t getting all the business they could from their existing customers. With thousands of customers and hundreds of product categories, they knew that sales opportunities to gain additional wallet-share couldn’t help but be overlooked. And, competitors weren’t hesitating to exploit these oversights to gain footholds and create defection risks.

Manual Analysis Just Couldn’t Get the Job Done

In an effort to mitigate the risks and close the leaks, the company initially tried to uncover the defection risks and sales opportunities through manual analysis. The manufacturer quickly learned, however, that there were far too many customers and products to rigorously analyze in a timely fashion. Taking another approach, managers opted to give their salespeople access to the data and the ability to analyze it themselves. Unfortunately, adoption and utilization ended up being virtually zero.

Rigorous Analysis of Every Customer…Automatically

After discovering that conventional approaches just weren’t up to the task, the company turned to Zilliant SalesMax. Achieving a level of scientific accuracy and rigor that could not be matched by manual approaches, SalesMax leverages sophisticated Purchase Pattern Profiling and Customer Defection Detection to analyze each and every customer. Customer-specific opportunities to expand and retain wallet-share were automatically identified, quantified and prioritized.

Email Delivery for Rapid Action and Adoption

With SalesMax, the sales team didn’t have to adopt a new set of tools or learn a new way of working. After identifying and prioritizing the sales and retention opportunities, SalesMax simply delivered account-specific “action” emails to each salesperson, using an intuitive graphical display to reveal the performance gaps and the dollar value associated with closing them. Using email not only increased adoption and reduced training, it virtually eliminated IT involvement.

The Numbers: $2.4M In 90 Days

Arming salespeople with the customer intelligence provided by SalesMax has changed the dynamic in this company’s sales team. Customer conversations now have clear sales and retention objectives. Sales managers use an overall performance dashboard to gain visibility into sales opportunities and monitor their teams’ progress as they move toward closure. SalesMax revealed opportunities worth over $25M and the team closed more than $2.4M within the first 90 days.