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Over the past decade, most B2B companies have pursued multiple efficiency initiatives in pursuit of growth. Some have made acquisitions to gain share and capture synergies. Many have made technology investments in ERP and CRM to streamline operations and improve sales efficiency. Others have adopted Lean and similar programs to drive down costs.

These initiatives have produced mixed results. Certainly, the typical enterprise is larger and more efficient today than it was 10 years ago, but the expected value of these efforts has not consistently shown up in bottom-line results. Why? Cost reduction and process automation projects are usually disruptive and by definition, have bounded upside. Often, lower costs are passed along to customers through lower prices. Acquisitions bring scale, but they also add complexity. In the end, efficiency gains tend to dissipate.

Smart companies are now making sales and marketing effectiveness a priority, because it can drive unlimited revenue and profit growth. However, effectiveness is not about automation; at the core, it is tied to decision making. This is where Zilliant comes in.

We bring advanced decision support solutions to the front-line of business, helping employees make better selling decisions. Zilliant becomes the execution platform for management to transform sales strategies into P&L results. We call our approach “prescriptive selling guidance” because our answers come from models that predict what’s likely to happen in a given situation and with that, suggest what to do about it. The guidance itself is simple, but requires sophisticated data science and deep domain knowledge to get it right.

In tackling this opportunity, we have developed a deeply analytical culture that is inspired by partnering with customers to solve real-world problems. With experience delivering large-scale prescriptive applications for more than a decade, Zilliant has more applied data science experience in our market than any other company in the world. We have concentrated our investments in our Optimization Platform and applications, our people, and our customer relationships with one overarching goal: driving measureable, sustainable value.

Four years ago, we transitioned our business model and product platform to full, multi-tenant SaaS. As a true SaaS company, we now offer the most scalable, cost-effective prescriptive selling applications in the marketplace. Our unique Optimization Platform provides an infrastructure for continuous product and science innovation, promising new sources of value.

Our customers’ experience validates that combining “experts and equations” is the best formula for superior financial performance. Through this partnership, we unleash the full potential of their data and expertise to deliver measurable value and sustainable growth.