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True Software-as-a-Service

Zilliant has developed the only Software-as-a-Service B2B Optimization Platform on the market. It offers far superior time-to-value compared to on-premise applications or SaaS development tools. Customers experience significantly faster and less expensive deployments, shorter time to benefit, immediate access to new features and data science advances, simple extensibility for broader deployments, and unlimited scalability.

Big Data In. Prescriptive Guidance Out.

B2B transaction data holds a wealth of information just waiting to be unlocked. To streamline the process of putting that data to work, we developed a robust data pipeline. It provides a secure, cloud-based data infrastructure to receive data files, and deliver the resulting prescriptive guidance back to our customers' existing order, quote and CRM systems. Our infrastructure makes transfers back and forth as secure, reliable and easy as possible. 

Enterprise Scalability

Tackling complex B2B decisions requires significant scale and speed. The Zilliant Optimization Platform uses parallel optimization to analyze tens of millions of rows, solve complex optimization problems with millions of variables and constraints, and produce results in near real-time. It also offers support for multiple models, which allows customers to deploy multiple solutions with a single application instance, greatly reducing cost and complexity. 

Advanced Data Science. Simple Setup.

Zilliant’s predictive science has been honed through working with hundreds of B2B companies, yielding a proprietary library of price response functions, constraint types and purchase patterns representing all key B2B commercial dynamics. The advances in science made by our large team of data scientists enable point-and-click configuration of our predictive models. As a result, the sophisticated algorithms at the heart of our applications can be set up in a matter of weeks.

Predictive Scenarios and In-Market Measurement

To optimize decisions, it’s necessary to predict and compare the results of various alternatives. Zilliant enables customers to see the predicted impact of sales and pricing strategies on P&L results before executing those strategies in the market, understand how customers will respond to price changes, and pinpoint where opportunities exist to curb customer defection and sell more. The result is better financial performance and less risk. Once sales guidance has been deployed, Zilliant applications close the loop, enabling customers to evaluate actual versus expected results and refine strategies. Over time, our predictive models become smarter.

Visual Analytics

Seeing is believing. That’s why we’ve embedded best-in-class Tableau visual analytics into our platform. We have a complete library of revenue and profit metrics and visualizations, including analytics content uniquely designed to validate price and sales guidance and measure the achievement of goals. The platform enables customers to modify and extend content using a powerful visual analytics designer application. In practice, customers see the predicted impact of price changes, pinpoint where sales opportunities exist, and track, report on, and measure the financial results of their investment in Zilliant solutions.