MarginMax Changes How Companies Achieve True Price Optimization

Zilliant pioneered the first true SaaS offering for price optimization technology, revolutionizing how companies achieve optimized prices in market.


It All Starts With Your Data

Your customer and product master data, along with 15 to 24 months of transaction history, is sent to Zilliant through a secure data exchange.  On even the dirtiest of B2B data, MarginMax applies advanced analytical processes, predictive algorithms and proprietary augmentations to determine optimal prices with scientific accuracy.  It’s also constantly learning and improving — tuning itself based on how sales and profits change with price over time.

Domain Experts Have Complete Control

MarginMax enables your domain experts to confidently react to key business dynamics.  Through a robust and easy-to-use interface, users specify goals and constraints that account for all key revenue and profit drivers. Interactive analytics capabilities are built in, giving users the ability to tune strategies.  MarginMax instantaneously reveals the optimal set of price changes that satisfies all the defined constraints and meets their P&L objectives with minimal risk.

Optimal Prices Are Delivered Directly to Pricing Decision Makers

Providing your team with optimized prices through the same tools that they are already familiar with is proven to minimize disruption and deliver results faster.  That’s why MarginMax is designed to automatically publish your optimized matrix, list or negotiated prices directly to your existing sales tools or pricing system.  This efficiency enables companies to generate a payback in less than one year.

Mobile Access To Answers On-The-Go

Real-time intelligence on your customers is only useful if your sales team can access it right when they need it. That’s why MarginMax is mobile as well. If you have employees in the field using smart phones or tablets, they can access MarginMax generated prices anywhere, anytime.