Achieve Your Goals With Less Risk

Unlike other pricing solutions on the market, our scientific methods and patent-pending technologies can actually identify the precise prices that will maximize margin dollars without the risk of losing business.

Model Strategies & Predict P&L Results

MarginMax is the only B2B price optimization solution capable of quantifying true price response.  Through its its Strategy Interface, MarginMax gives you unprecedented control over pricing strategies, objectives and constraints — you’ll know what’s really going to happen before you make any price changes in the field.

Works With Your Existing Tools

While other solutions require extensive business process and IT infrastructure changes, MarginMax works with your existing tools and infrastructure to speed up deployment and improve user adoption while minimizing disruption and training.

Configured for the Different Ways You Price

MarginMax generates optimal prices for all of the most pervasive B2B pricing modes, from negotiated price bands to matrix and list prices and agreements.  No matter how your company makes or delivers pricing decisions, MarginMax has the answers you need.

Analytics Where It Counts

As a complement to our powerful optimization science, we include extensive analytical capabilities directly embedded in MarginMax. User friendly, easy-to-modify visualizations enable you to see and understand the basis for and expected impact of recommendations.

Mature & Proven

While other solutions are relatively new and unproven, MarginMax is a mature, eighth-generation solution that’s been developed through more than a decade of work with some of the biggest names in B2B.  And it’s been proven effective through over 40 in-market scientific test-and-control studies.

See Profitable Growth With Payback In Less Than A Year

MarginMax generates profitable growth on the order of 1-3% return on sales; delivers a payback in less than one year; and can be up and running in as little as 90 days. No other solution provides the benefits and returns delivered by MarginMax.

Regular Access To Dedicated Pricing Expertise

Every MarginMax subscription customer has a dedicated Customer Success Manager that’s an expert in B2B pricing. They are there to help you maximize your ongoing results and achieve your business strategies and goals.