Zilliant Makes It Easier Than Ever To Get Started

For most organizations, the most difficult step toward profitable improvement is the first one — making the decision to take action.  A close second is just getting started with a technology solution.  Most companies need to muster a large cross-functional team and then invest significant time and resources planning an enterprise-wide implementation.  The organization has to endure massive internal disruption — all along keeping their fingers crossed in hope that this massive effort would ultimately deliver the expected benefits.

Getting Started With Price Optimization Shouldn’t Be Challenging

Recognizing that it should not be this painful, time consuming or risky to just get started, Zilliant’s unique model has allowed us to turn conventional wisdom on its head to develop a better way. Instead of a risky, big-bang approach, companies can take a phased approach or begin with a pilot.

  • Tailored Model  — We start by putting the science to work and developing a tailor-made price response model for your business.
  • Reduced Risk — Working together, we identify a smaller piece of your business to demonstrate the value of the solution and reduce your risk before a broader roll-out.
  • Quick Setup Time — Because there’s no software or hardware to deploy, the service can be set up in as little as 90 days with very few internal resources.
  • Rapid, Proven Results — Along the way, we measure and quantify the impacts to demonstrate that the solution is producing the desired profitable results.
  • Minimal Disruption  — Because the service is feeding intelligence into your existing tools, there’s very little organizational disruption or re-training involved.
  • Simplified Deployment — With most of the hard work already done, you can quickly expand to other areas of your business.

Proven Results Enables Us To Take This Unique Approach

Zilliant is able to take a phased approach or offer a pilot because of our SaaS-based solution. Our eighth-generation applications has been scientifically proven over and over again. We have generated profitable results for more than 100 B2B companies, in a variety of different markets, under varying economic conditions. The confidence that comes from experience and our model allows us to offer this unique opportunity to get started quickly, easily, and with far less risk.