SalesMax Simplifies How Companies Approach Organic Growth

Eliminating the complexity and mixed results of traditional sales effectiveness applications, SalesMax is transforming the way sales teams prioritize opportunities to grow wallet-share and increase retention.


Your Transaction Information Is the Starting Point

Designed for B2B, where dirty data is the norm rather than the exception, SalesMax uses a basic set of readily available data about your business — basic customer information, product hierarchies, and 15 to 24 months of transaction history. After the initial setup, recent sales data is fed into SalesMax on a monthly basis to ensure responsiveness to changing market dynamics and customer purchasing behavior.

SalesMax Augmentation and Opportunity Identification

Using your basic data as a starting point, SalesMax augments and transforms your customer information to create dozens of Purchase Pattern Profiles, identify wallet-share expansion and recovery opportunities, quantify and prioritize opportunities, and reveal early signs of customer defection. This sophisticated and rigorous analysis is performed on each and every customer and product, automatically.

Prioritized Opportunity Delivery to Your Salespeople

Once the opportunities are identified and prioritized, SalesMax can deliver them to sales people in a variety of ways including via email, web or mobile application, or into existing CRM or SFA systems. SalesMax Connect is Zilliant’s SalesMax integration into Salesforce Sales Cloud. For companies without a CRM system, sales reps can manage and disposition SalesMax opportunities through SalesMax OnDemand, a web-based user interface.

Ongoing Performance Monitoring and Activity Reporting

As the opportunities are pursued, sales managers can monitor performance and activity through interactive dashboards and reports. This gives managers unprecedented visibility into the health of their overall customer base and allows them to focus their team members on the highest growth and retention priorities.

Customer Success Managers Are Dedicated to Your Success

As a SalesMax customers, you’ll work with your dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) on an ongoing basis to maximize adoption, utilization and results. Your CSM is not only an expert in their own right, but also your gateway to the expertise of the entire Zilliant team.