Getting Started Is Simple


Bringing anything new into an established sales team and process requires a high degree of buy-in among key decision makers, stakeholders, and ultimately, individual salespeople. Recognizing this, we have developed a three-step engagement process that is simple and effective:

Introduce SalesMax to Your Sales Leaders

While SalesMax is straightforward and the problems it solves are of obvious benefit to B2B sales teams, it can often seem too good to be true. After all, there’s never been another solution that can do what SalesMax does. Therefore, the first step is to introduce SalesMax to the sales managers, opinion leaders and stakeholders in your business to give them ample opportunity to ask questions, see how it works, and hear how other companies are using it. Schedule an “Introduction to SalesMax” webinar for exclusive delivery to your sales leaders.

Conduct a SalesMax Assessment on Your Data

After being introduced to the SalesMax solution, most sales leadership teams want to understand the opportunity amount in their specific business, and how the implementation would work. To that end, we offer a free SalesMax Assessment, where we feed your transactional data into SalesMax to determine how much exists in organic sales and retention opportunities. Along the way, we’ll also work to understand your current sales processes and systems, and collaborate on the best method to deliver qualified opportunities to your salespeople.

Present the Assessment Findings and Roll-Out Proposal

Once the SalesMax Assessment is complete, we will present the findings to your leadership team. We drill into specific customers that show significant opportunity for wallet-share expansion through cross-selling and highlight specific customers where you are likely losing wallet-share to competitors. We provide all the detail necessary to understand the nature and magnitude of the opportunity that exists in your business. At the same time, we’ll present our proposal to get SalesMax setup to deliver the qualified opportunities to your salespeople on an ongoing basis.