Identify Sales Opportunities Worth 8-12%

SalesMax transforms the way sales people protect and grow customer wallet-share. It uses advanced science to reveal what customers should be buying and where buying patterns are beginning to erode. It lights up actionable cross-sell, retention and market-share expansion opportunities for every customer and every product across a sales person’s entire book of business, worth on average 8-12% more revenue.

Get Ahead of Costly Customer Defections

Through Zilliant’s powerful Defection Detection™ technologies, SalesMax is your early-warning system to identify even the most subtle signs of customer defection and competitive intrusion — giving you plenty of time to take action to regain the business.

Cover Every Customer and Every Product

While manual analysis can only focus on the largest customers and top products, SalesMax automatically analyzes each and every customer and product with a degree of rigor, accuracy and speed that cannot be matched with other means.

Align to How Salespeople Already Work

With SalesMax, your salespeople don’t have to change the way they work. Once the opportunities are identified, they can be delivered directly to the appropriate salespeople through the tools and systems they’re already using — even email.

Measure and Monitor Ongoing Performance

Through interactive and intuitive dashboards and reports, sales managers can finally close-the-loop on individual sales opportunities, gain visibility into the health of your entire customer base, and prioritize the efforts and actions of your team members.

Be Up-and-Running in as Little as 90 Days

SalesMax is a SaaS solution, which means there is no hardware or software to buy, install or manage. As a result, you can begin to deliver opportunities to your team in a matter of weeks — with virtually no IT involvement.

Pay-As-You-Go with Subscription Pricing

As a SaaS solution, hefty up-front capital investments and lengthy professional services engagements are not required. With affordable setup and subscription fees, SalesMax minimizes your investment risk and is easy on your cash flow.

Leverage Domain Experts on an Ongoing Basis

Every SalesMax subscription is backed by a dedicated Customer Success Manager. With decades of experience and expertise, these professionals are supporting your efforts every step of the way and helping you maximize your results.