Customer Retention and Organic Growth Are Crucial in B2B

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In B2B, many companies already sell something to most of their addressable market. To drive profitable growth under these circumstances, the basic strategies are fairly straightforward: Make the most you can from every customer that you have, and keep it over time.

But how well can individual sales people actually execute these core strategies?

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The Early Signs of Customer Defection Are Difficult to Spot

All B2B sales people wants to retain customers. After all, those customers are like annuities that keep paying out over time. But how can they tell when a customer is beginning to defect to the competition? How can they tell when a competitor is beginning to get a foothold in a particular product category?

Customers Don’t Tell You What They’re Buying Elsewhere

No matter what you call it — cross-selling, up-selling, or capturing white space — every B2B salesperson wants to expand wallet-share with each customer. But how can sales know which customers could really buy more? How can they know which customers really should be buying additional product categories or lines? Customers don’t often volunteer the information — so how is the salesperson to know?

Most B2B Salespeople Aren’t Data Analysts

Research shows that most B2B salespeople just don’t have the time or information they need to stay ahead of customer defections and drive sales growth with their existing customers. With so many diverse customers and products to cover, there’s simply no way a salesperson can intuitively know all of this information about each and every customer.

Zilliant SalesMax Delivers the Answers in a Better Way

SalesMax is the only solution on the market today specifically designed to address the unique challenges of driving organic growth and retention in a B2B environment. It’s the only solution capable of automatically identifying and prioritizing opportunities to expand and retain wallet-share across a B2B company’s entire portfolio of existing customers. It’s the only sales effectiveness solution that automatically delivers the largest sales opportunities to the tools and systems salespeople already use.

SalesMax is a SaaS application that can be up-and-running in as little as 90 days, uncovering 8-12% more revenue in your business.