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Pricing is widely known to have significant profit improvement potential. Yet most B2B companies still rely too heavily on guesswork, making sustainable improvements unattainable. Companies that have harnessed the full power of pricing use price optimization software because it is the only approach able to address the massive complexity inherent in transactional pricing.


MarginMax™ is the only true mathematical price optimization software application for B2B markets. It leverages patented data science to produce pricing guidance that helps decision makers quote the right price every time and improve profits. With the patented capability to measure price elasticity at the micro-market level, MarginMax predicts the impact of price changes and enables companies to execute optimal pricing strategies that achieve multiple P&L objectives. It optimizes all price modes from spot quotes to agreements to price lists, producing guidance that makes sense and makes money. It runs on our highly configurable SaaS Optimization Platform which enables customers to put prices in-market in a matter of weeks, and is able to scale to serve both mid-size businesses and large global enterprises. MarginMax customers realize the full potential of their pricing strategies, achieving sustainable profit improvements of 5 to 15 percent or more.

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MarginMax™ Ramp™

MarginMax Ramp is the simplest, fastest way for B2B companies to get started with price optimization. It gives managers more control over prices through smarter, segmented and rationally aligned pricing. Built on our SaaS Optimization Platform, it simultaneously differentiates and aligns price relationships using constraint-based optimization. MarginMax Ramp can be deployed in a matter of weeks to virtually any size company. With MarginMax Ramp, businesses are more responsive and confident when quoting prices, ultimately leading to higher margins.

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MarginMax™ Price Connect™

Every day, B2B sales reps are faced with a repetitive, yet highly impactful decision: What price should I quote? How well-equipped sales reps are to answer this question optimally has a significant impact on company profitability. Providing market-aligned, deal-specific price guidance to sales reps in a simple to use tool is the easiest way to help sales reps make the best possible decision each time they quote.

Zilliant MarginMax Price Connect can help. It is a simple, lightweight application that enables sales reps to look up MarginMax optimized price guidance for customers and products. The application, which is available as a standalone web and mobile application or within Salesforce.com, for existing MarginMax customers, enables sales reps to access price guidance anytime, anywhere.

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Take Control of Margins with Pricing Optimization

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