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Actionable Guidance

MarginMax provides context-specific pricing guidance for any given deal circumstance, from spot quotes to customer-specific agreements. It gives sales people the best answers to win business and achieve margin targets. Our guidance is extremely accurate because it reflects the prices already being achieved in the market, while accounting for customer price response. MarginMax typically provides guidance in the form of a price range, which allows sales reps some decision flexibility to negotiate while minimizing exceptions and overrides.

MarginMax - Features - Actionable Guidance

Predictive Price Optimization Model

MarginMax is the only B2B price optimization application that employs mathematical, goal-seeking optimization. It examines all possible price choices, predicts the revenue and profit outcome of each based on price elasticity, and selects the price that maximizes the desired results. As part of the data science, we apply business constraints simultaneously to find the true optimum, as opposed to simply applying rules sequentially, which fails to produce an optimal answer.

MarginMax - Features - Predictive Price Optimization Model

Strategy-driven Scenarios

The MarginMax Strategy Interface compares multiple scenarios with segment-specific strategies and visualizes the predicted impact on revenue, profit, quantity and prices. Evaluating pricing tactics before implementing them allows our customers to act with confidence and minimize risk.

MarginMax - Features - Strategy-driven Scenarios

Collaborative Price Management

MarginMax Workspaces support collaborative price management, allowing all pricing stakeholders to share responsibilities across different parts of the business. This enables merchandising, product category managers and price execution groups to control their respective parts of the model independently, but do so in a coordinated fashion.

MarginMax - Features - Collaborative Price Management

Integration and Price Delivery

MarginMax leverages our platform APIs to publish price guidance in whichever format makes integration and adoption as easy as possible, be it batch transfers or web service calls. Zilliant has extensive experience integrating with multiple CRM, quote and ERP systems including SAP, salesforce.com, Oracle and Kerridge. Price guidance also can be delivered to sales reps through MarginMax Price Connect. Zilliant customers also have the option of serving optimized price guidance into their e-commerce platform, delivering personalized pricing to customers with unmatched precision and speed.

MarginMax - Features - Integration and Price Delivery

Visual Analytics

To enable our customers to review prices and track in-market results, MarginMax includes access to Visual Analytics, built on Tableau, a best-in-class analytics tool. Analytics are available by role. Power users gain access to the robust Visual Analytics Desktop tool to create and customize content; casual users can access content via an online portal; and sales reps see context for price recommendations embedded in their CRM or quoting application with Integrated Analytics.

MarginMax - Features - Visual Analytics Learn More About Visual Analytics

Access to Ongoing Innovation

By virtue of our true SaaS model, Zilliant customers gain immediate access to our latest product, science and visual analytics advancements. These updates are released multiple times a year and are free, unless significant configuration is required. As a result, the total cost of Zilliant ownership is much less than on-premise or single-tenant applications.

Customer Success & Measurement

Zilliant’s success is inextricably linked to our customers’ success, which is why every MarginMax subscription includes an experienced customer success manager (CSM). CSMs work with customers to drive continuous improvement of the program, helping customers get the most out of their MarginMax investment. CSMs engage every month to ensure alignment with evolving business objectives, review business impact reports, and coordinate all Zilliant touch points to streamline issue resolution.