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MarginMax combines data science and strategy to optimize prices. Built on a predictive model that accounts for price sensitivity, it produces market-aligned, prescriptive guidance. The application gives managers a systematic way to control pricing and empowers sales reps to make decisions faster and with more confidence. MarginMax can be deployed in a matter of weeks, providing price guidance that drives measurable, sustainable profit growth.

Optimize All Forms of Pricing

From spot negotiations to matrix to list prices and agreements to e-commerce, MarginMax answers the question “What is the best price?” for all B2B price modes. Our data science is also applicable to B2C pricing, allowing hybrid companies to optimize their entire business.


Harness Your Data

MarginMax uses sales transaction history and customer, product and cost master data. Third-party data also can be integrated into the model, although not required. After cleaning and categorization, the data is normalized for seasonality and cost changes, and quality-checked for reliability. Ongoing data transfers are automated, secure and seamless. Each month new data, which is first checked for quality and reliability, is fed into the model, which learns and improves over time.

Differentiate with Price Segmentation

Price differentiation is at the core of optimization. As the cornerstone, the segmentation design is overseen by an experienced Zilliant scientist. We use advanced tools to formulate and structure the most predictive set of customer, product and quote attributes. This ensures that each design achieves the ideal balance of context granularity and manageability.

Ensure Rational Relationships

In order for prices to make sense, they must be aligned within and across related price segments to maintain rational pricing relationships, such as good-better-best. MarginMax applies advanced optimization techniques to ensure alignment on multiple dimensions simultaneously. The resulting price guidance meets all stakeholders’ expectations, including sales reps and customers, making adoption easier and delivering results faster.

Measure Price Elasticity

Understanding and accounting for customer price response is critical to balance profit with win rate and market share. Some measure of price elasticity is required to quantify the benefits and risks associated with price changes, which is the definition of true price optimization. Our patented pricing science measures differences in price elasticity using techniques that we have developed and refined for more than a decade, making MarginMax the most robust, proven approach by far.

Put Expertise into Equations

Different business segments often require different pricing strategies. With the MarginMax Strategy Interface, pricing and merchandising managers have a simple, yet powerful way to differentiate and fine-tune pricing. It allows them to create and compare “what-if” scenarios with different goals and constraints along all key market dimensions. This strategic control is what enables Zilliant customers to achieve a level of pricing excellence otherwise impossible.

MarginMax - How it Works - Put Expertise into Equations

Guide Pricing in Existing Quote, Order, and E-commerce Systems

Providing your sales reps with pricing guidance in their existing tools minimizes disruption and delivers results faster. MarginMax price guidance can be delivered to existing quote and order systems such as salesforce.com and SAP. Guidance also can be queried from web and mobile applications to simplify integration. Zilliant offers options to deploy price look-up applications that leverage the Force.com platform and Tableau in cases where new tools are needed. Additionally, MarginMax price optimization guidance is easily integrated into your e-commerce platform, providing customers a personalized pricing experience, and ensuring alignment with your omni-channel strategies

MarginMax - How it Works - Provide Guidance in Existing Quote and Order Tools

Visualize the Results

MarginMax offers rich visual analytics to managers and sales reps, providing lift dashboards, in-market results, and other interactive views. Unlike simple business intelligence reports, MarginMax analytics feature actionable guidance and track results using key measures such as the Price Index and Compliance Score. These insights improve manager-rep collaboration and coaching, enabling sales forces to grow profits, smarter.

MarginMax - How it Works - Visualize the Results