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In transactional businesses, the best way for sales reps to achieve their organic growth goals is to identify customers with the greatest propensity to defect or buy more. Prescriptive selling guidance does just that – it alerts sales people to the best cross-sell and retention opportunities in their territories, enabling them to decide where and how their time is best spent.

SalesMax™ is a prescriptive selling application that identifies and distributes retention and growth opportunities across the entire customer base to help sales reps retain customers and sell more. It uses patented data science to compare customers’ current spend with what they should be and were buying, revealing thousands of actionable sales opportunities. SalesMax answers the questions “who to call?” and “what products to pitch?” at a level of accuracy, speed and scale that isn’t possible through manual analysis. The result is a 20 to 30 percent increase in same customer revenue, adding 5 to 10 percent to overall revenue.

Learn more about how to improve organic growth and customer retention from the resources below. 

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Learn More About How to Increase Revenue
and Reduce Customer Churn

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SalesMax Overview

Learn how SalesMax uses advanced science to reveal what customers should be buying and when customers are beginning to defect.

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A Better Way to Coach Sales Reps

Many sales managers get caught up in administrative and reporting tasks, rather than coaching sales reps. This whitepaper digs into why, despite technology investments, many sales managers have little time for customer- and market-facing activities and discusses a better way to coach sales reps.

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B2B Customer Retention Best Practices

Customer churn is often the biggest inhibitor of organic growth for B2B companies, but accepting churn as a cost of doing business is a long-standing business bias that does more harm than good. This in-depth whitepaper provides five critical aspects of customer retention in B2B.

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Organic Growth in B2B

Despite the best efforts of executives, management and sales reps, sustainable organic growth is a challenging proposition. Take a peek at this infographic to learn why and gain fresh insight on how to drive organic growth.

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