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SalesMax uses transaction data to identify retention, cross sell and up sell opportunities in existing customer relationships. It distributes these opportunities as selling guidance directly to reps through email, CRM, a web interface or a mobile application. The application collects feedback and tracks actual results over time, providing a systematic way to improve sales execution, organic growth and customer retention.


Harness Data

SalesMax uses sales transaction history and customer and product master data. Third-party data also can be integrated into the model, although not required. After cleaning and categorization, the data is normalized for seasonality and quality-checked for reliability. Data flows are automated, secure and seamless. As customer purchase behavior changes, new data, which is first checked for quality and reliability, is fed into the model, which learns and improves over time.

Create Purchase Pattern Profiles

SalesMax creates three-dimensional views of every customer-product group combination called Purchase Pattern Profiles™. These profiles show what customers were buying, are buying and should be buying, serving as a blueprint for each and every customer’s predicted purchases. The accuracy of Purchase Pattern Profiles is critical to sales adoption. Our patented data science ensures we extract all reliable information signals while avoiding false positives that would undermine confidence in the resulting guidance.

SalesMax - How It Works - Create Purchase Pattern Profiles

Expand Wallet-Share

With a buying blueprint for every customer, sales reps know where to focus their cross-sell and up-sell efforts. Targeted expansion opportunities allow reps to have more productive conversations with customers, which results in more wallet-share and revenue. Growth opportunities also can be used by call centers and marketing to cross-sell in low-touch channels.

Recover Business in Real-Time

SalesMax provides the earliest possible, reliable detection of customer churn. It separates actual defection across all product and customer combinations from noise, such as seasonality and buying cycle effects. By alerting sales reps to retention opportunities as early as possible, they can recover at-risk business before it is too late.

Deliver Guidance, Gather Feedback

SalesMax distributes opportunities to sales reps in the tools they already use, such as email, CRM/SFA systems, or standalone mobile and web applications. This makes delivery and follow-up easy, reducing change management efforts. All of these delivery channels include a feedback loop and transaction cross-referencing. By closing the loop, management can not only measure results but also receive structured market intelligence from reps and customers.

SalesMax - How It Works - Deliver Guidance, Gather Feedback

Align Sales with Strategy

SalesMax allows management to execute selling campaigns that directly support commercial strategies. For example, when looking to increase sales of a given product line in a particular customer segment, SalesMax Sales Campaigns pinpoint and prioritize the customers most likely to purchase the product line. With this functionality, management can ensure that sales actions align with changing strategies and market dynamics.

Visualize the Results

SalesMax offers rich visual analytics to managers and sales reps, providing dashboards, Money Maps and other interactive views. Unlike simple business intelligence reports, SalesMax analytics feature actionable guidance and track results. These insights improve manager-rep collaboration and coaching, enabling sales forces to grow sales, smarter.

SalesMax - How It Works - Visualize the Results