Managing a B2B Sales Team Has Become More Challenging

sales performanceOver the past few years, many B2B companies have reduced their sales management ranks in an effort to reduce costs and increase efficiency. For many sales managers today, this means a decline in overall sales performance, as they are now responsible for managing and coaching a larger number of salespeople, each covering a much larger and more diverse customer base.

Sales performance expectations are increasing

While most sales managers’ responsibilities have increased, so have their teams’ goals and objectives. In fact, studies show that most B2B companies are targeting at least 10% revenue growth through 2012, and most companies are increasing individual sales quotas. To succeed in this environment, sales managers must have a solid grasp of not only the performance and effectiveness of their individual team members, but also the status of the specific customers their team members interact with.

Sales Managers Report a Lack of Visibility

In a recent survey of B2B sales management, 87% reported lacking visibility into which specific customers were just starting to show signs of defection. More than 90% reported they were unable to identify and prioritize the untapped potential that existed in their overall customer base. As this survey demonstrates, sales management is often flying blind with respect to the actual health and performance of their book of business, which will ultimately make or break their numbers.

Effective Management Requires Specifics

Without direct visibility into the health and performance of each customer, sales management can often do little more than issue high-level directives to “sell more” and “keep customers buying” to improve overall sales performance. Without direct visibility into the specific opportunities that exist within each customer account, sales management will often struggle to prioritize their teams’ efforts effectively and understand where additional training and coaching may be required.

SalesMax Provides Account-Level Visibility

Zilliant SalesMax automatically analyzes each and every customer in your business to accurately identify early signs of defection and opportunities to sell more, delivering the priority opportunities directly to the assigned salesperson. Through its interactive Performance Dashboard, SalesMax provides sales managers the account-level visibility they really need to effectively manage and coach their teams, from early warning of potential customer defections and competitive intrusions, to high-probability cross-sells opportunities.