B2B Salespeople Are Expected to Cover More Than Ever

prioritize salesWith all of the cost cutting that has taken place over the past few years, most B2B salespeople have more on their plates than ever before. In the quest for more efficient coverage, many companies have consolidated sales territories and effectively increased the number of customers in each salesperson’s book-of-business. Whereas a few years ago an individual rep may have had 25 to 35 accounts, today it’s not uncommon to find that a single salesperson is responsible for 100 or more diverse customers.

Efficiency and Effectiveness Are Different

While taking these steps may have reduced costs, many companies have found that there’s a trade-off with overall effectiveness. As a salesperson’s account list grows, it becomes that much more difficult to keep tabs on all customers, spot competitive intrusions, and identify opportunities to sell more. It’s intuitive — the more an individual is expected to cover, the greater the likelihood of things falling through the cracks.

B2B Sales Processes Haven’t Kept Up

Back when salespeople were covering a smaller number of accounts, it was a fairly simple matter for them to stay on top of things. A salesperson could check-in on each account every week, or even every day. They could have the in-depth discussions with each customer that helped them identify retention issues and incremental sales opportunities. With limited time and more accounts, sales people need help to prioritize sales opportunities and focus their efforts.

Knowing Where to Focus Is Challenging

In this environment, it’s tempting for B2B salespeople to focus on only their largest customers. On the surface, this makes intuitive sense. However, the greatest opportunities for incremental sales are often found with the dozens of smaller customers that represent the “long tail” in any book-of-business. And, leaving these customers largely unattended provides the perfect opportunity for competitors to get the foothold they need in the marketplace.

SalesMax Identifies and Prioritizes Opportunities

Zilliant SalesMax analyzes each and every customer in your business. Using Purchase Pattern Profiling, customer-specific opportunities to grow and retain wallet-share are automatically identified, quantified, and prioritized. With a degree of scientific accuracy and rigor that cannot be matched by manual means, SalesMax shows your salespeople exactly where to focus their time and energies to capture and retain the most value from their current accounts.