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May 19, 2022
by Team Zilliant
  • The Zilliant Quick Start program changes the pricing and sales software game, offering industry-leading deployment times of 3 to 8 weeks for its market-leading, purpose-built packaged solutions to streamline critical commercial functions


  • The first Quick Start package for Global and Country Price Lists enables global companies to be up and running with Zilliant Price ManagerTM in as few as 4 weeks


  • Quick Start for Global and Country Price Lists streamlines the price management function for global companies, offering a standardized price waterfall and a variety of global and country list management functions


AUSTIN, Texas — May 19, 2022 — Zilliant, the industry leader in intelligent end-to-end pricing solutions and sales guidance software, today announced its Zilliant Quick Start Program, which enables significantly faster deployment times for its software and faster time to value for customers, as well as the first Quick Start package of this transformative program – Zilliant Quick Start for Global and Country Price Lists.


In the past, deploying price optimization and management software may have seemed time intensive or difficult to implement. As a direct result, pricing and commercial teams rely on spreadsheets to manage pricing, sales operations and commercial functions, a method that is insufficient to respond to today’s volatile market conditions.


The Zilliant Quick Start program flips this paradigm, offering packaged solutions to address specific pricing and sales challenges, each of which can be up and running within the span of three to eight weeks, work seamlessly with each other on the same platform, and are extensible to fit the needs of B2B companies.


“Each Zilliant Quick Start package is an accelerator, purpose-built to enable companies to get up and running with pricing and sales software faster than ever before,” said Rick Chappel, Zilliant Senior Vice President of Professional Services. “What may take other pricing software vendors months to deploy, can now be done with Zilliant software in a matter of weeks.”


The first Zilliant Quick Start for Global and Country Price Lists is available beginning today with Zilliant Price Manager™. It is purpose-built to streamline global and country list price management with a standardized price waterfall enabling companies to:


  • Easily update global list prices as costs change using pre-defined cost pass through strategies
  • Perform currency conversions to calculate country list prices
  • Make additional country factor adjustments to list prices
  • Provide scoped user access to centralized and decentralized pricing teams within the same system of price management


If customers need to manage additional elements in the price waterfall, this Quick Start package offers out-of-the-box extensions to fit their business.

“The average time for global companies to update pricing when costs change is between six weeks and four months, which is much too slow in today’s economy. It’s a process which unfortunately results in significant margin loss,” said Zilliant President and Chief Executive Officer Greg Peters. “Zilliant’s first Quick Start package for Global and Country Price Lists squarely addresses this challenge, allowing these companies to easily update prices as costs change and keep pace with market volatility.”


To learn more, visit:


See Quick Start for Global & Country Price Lists in action with this demo.


Download the Data Sheet and learn how to get up and running with Price Manager in four weeks.


Attendees of Zilliant MindShare 2022, in Austin, Texas, on June 13-15 will be the first to learn more about the innovative Zilliant Quick Start program. Visit to learn more about the event and register to attend.


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Zilliant powers intelligent commerce for B2B companies by connecting their commercial strategies with effective execution. Our industry-leading price optimization and management and sales guidance software enables profitable growth by transforming the way our customers use data to price and sell in traditional and digital channels. Zilliant’s data science, cloud-native software and passion for customer success delivers the highest ROI, fastest time to value and highest customer satisfaction. Learn more about how Zilliant helps power intelligence commerce at




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