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Managing Complexity with Smarter Technology to Drive Higher Margins

Automotive and truck distributors are dealing with industry consolidation and a focus on aftermarket parts and service. In an environment of fast-paced growth, distributors need to manage newfound sales and pricing complexity of millions of parts, tens of thousands of customers, branch-based businesses, and a spectrum of customers that include National Accounts as well as mom-and-pop businesses and independent operators. Customers are demanding more price transparency and the frictionless purchasing of eCommerce.

To win, distributors need solutions that meet the challenges of price erosion, changing sales models, and an aging workforce by using smarter growth technologies, not spreadsheets.

Zilliant’s Solutions deliver the tools you need to compete with pricing guidance at the corporate and branch level, and sales guidance at retail points of sale.

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Transform Pricing for the Changing Automotive Manufacturing Ecosystem

Automotive part manufacturers operate in an industry shifting its focus from old-fashioned four-wheeled cars to now serve connected cars with big data features like cloud computing.  With this change, manufacturers have the opportunity to extend their analytical approach not just to optimize around various parts, but also to align prices across the manufacturing value chain, including in the component sector.

Zilliant’s pricing solutions are built to resolve the complexity of price alignment across the automotive manufacturing ecosystem.

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