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How to Add Value To Complex Project Bids

Competing distributors are building new warehouses, expanding and hiring globally, and capturing more business online.

To grab market share profitably electrical equipment distributors have to not only meet procurement challenges, but also deal with deviated cost requests, cost pass-throughs, pricing for projects, and into-stock pricing. The winners are those that out-think the competition by optimizing processes to win project bids and manage cost changes.

In such a fast-paced environment, AI-enabled pricing and sales guidance can provide a competitive edge.

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Illuminate a Path for Profitable Growth

In the pursuit of profitable growth, electrical equipment manufacturers need price guidance when negotiating during the project bid process.

To uncover profitable growth opportunities, manufacturers must ensure that when setting prices, they address these market factors and present market aligned list prices.

Zilliant’s Solutions can help hit your profitability goals with predictive pricing guidance.

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