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Electronic Components Manufacturing
Don’t let channel and product complexity hinder profitable growth and efficient quoting.
Align Pricing Within the Product Mix
Better understand which products you should sell primarily at book price through distribution, and which you should allow to be more heavily quoted via the channel to drive desired margins for you and your channel partners.
Zilliant manufacturing electronic comp high tech align pricing within product mix image
Improve Quoting Efficiency and Effectiveness
Enable more efficient deal desk and quoting processes by providing optimized, market-aligned negotiation guidance to sales reps, as a Start/Target/Floor deal envelope. Better price guidance not only leads to fewer price exceptions escalated to the deal desk, but higher margins and more confident sales reps.
Zilliant manufacturing electronic comp high tech improve quoting efficiency effectiveness image
Expose Gaps in Your Capture of the Total Solution
Light up which customers are only buying a piece of the board, as opposed to the whole board and surface these actionable growth insights to sales.
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Maintaining Margins in Any Scenario
Whether now or in the future, reacting to shifts in trade policy, particularly when those shifts are volatile due to trade wars or other unexpected global events, is not a zero-sum game.
Tackle Revenue and Profitability Challenges
Explore how Zilliant’s suite of pricing and sales solutions can uniquely address the complexities of your business.
Price optimization that generates market-aligned, dynamic prices to maximize margin or revenue.
Streamlined price management providing greater control to set, manage and update prices as market conditions change.
Centralized hub to manage customer-specific price agreeements and approvals.
Robust high-availability REST API that is the real-time connection between Zilliant applications and your business.rn
Sales growth tool that uses data science to identify recovery and growth actions within your customer base.
The Art of Intelligent Automated Negotiation
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