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Equipment Rental
You’re tasked with both increasing rental duration and hitting utilization targets, all while maintaining competitive rates. We use data science to solve the rental puzzle.
Conquer Complexity
Deliver market-aligned rates across day/week/month spreads, align cat classes and account for specific regional and rate zone disparities.
Zilliant services equipment rental conquer complexity image
Increase Rental Duration and Utilization
Incentivize your customers to rent more equipment for longer durations with data science-driven price breaks and rate transparency.
Zilliant services equipment rental increase rental duration utilization image
Negotiate From a Position of Strength
Most equipment rental businesses rely on sales reps to determine rate discounts based on gut-feel. Provide override guidance with guardrails to reduce over-discounting without losing sales.
Zilliant services equipment rental negotiate from position strength image
Rental Company Increases Revenue More Than 15 Percent
A large European equipment rental company had flat revenue growth and declining rental durations. A customer-focused pricing model and rational price guidance grew top-line growth by three percent and rental duration six percent.
Tackle Revenue and Profitability Challenges
Explore how Zilliant’s suite of pricing and sales solutions can uniquely address the complexities of your business.
Price optimization that generates market-aligned, dynamic prices to maximize margin or revenue.
Streamlined price management providing greater control to set, manage and update prices as market conditions change.
Deal Manager
Centralized hub to manage customer-specific price agreements and approvals.
Powerful application to generate omni-channel campaigns through product, pricing and sales guided actions.
Sales growth tool that uses data science to identify incremental opportunities to grow revenue.
Rational Pricing: What it is and How it Helps You Beat Expectatons
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