Consistent Intelligence Across Every Customer Interaction

Zilliant API Services automates the process of accessing and utilizing the intelligence that your pricing and sales teams require in their daily interactions.

With IQ Anywhere, Zilliant insights are seamlessly delivered across CRM, CPQ, and eCommerce applications. This ensures that your teams are always receiving the most valuable, real-time pricing and sales insights. Say goodbye to file mapping, data uploading, data hosting, and manual quality assurance processes.

Zilliant IQ Anywhere

Zilliant IQ Anywhere is the engine that links data hosted in the cloud to client platforms that require this data for quote and agreement execution.

  • Uses global standards like REST to intelligently respond to real-time information about the customer interaction
  • Millisecond response times for API queries
  • Elastically auto-scales to address any size request load (99.999% availability guaranteed)
  • Performance and scale to manage calls against millions of records
  • Accesses Zilliant guidance and insights in the cloud via real-time API calls from your system, enabling processes such as dynamic and automated negotiations

No other pricing and sales solutions can compete with the modern multi-tenant architecture that all Zilliant products are built upon. Zilliant leverages the latest available best-of-breed components and highly scalable, multi-tenant platform and hosting technologies.

  • Modern, multi-tenant SaaS architecture minimizes the cost and time required to deliver, evolve and upgrade implementations continuously with innovation versus releases a couple of times per year
  • Scalability via elastic cloud computing to seamlessly manage data volumes of over 1 billion transactions
  • Data security protecting against external and internal threats
  • Implementation times under 12 weeks
  • Integration with best-of-breed platforms and components­