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Use Pricing to Generate Precious Growth

For metal distributors, fluctuations in steel prices can wreak havoc when trying to keep up with demand. Many metal service companies are laser-focused on implementing lean practices, but those hard-earned savings from the shop floor aren’t always evident when the P&L is tallied. Poor pricing methods may be the culprit.

Generate profitable growth from your broad product portfolio and customer base, and extend lean principles to pricing and sales decisions with Zilliant’s pricing solutions.

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Balance Prices Against Supply and Demand and Cost Fluctuations

Metal manufacturers constantly monitor factors, such as forecasted supply and demand and the cost of raw materials, that affect price setting. Any changes in these factors means prices have to be adjusted. Without the right tools, adjusting prices can be a time-consuming, error prone process that doesn’t drive profitable pricing results.

Zilliant’s Pricing Solutions can help.

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