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Jun 3, 2021
by Team Zilliant

Read the full article on USA Today.


There’s a lot that Lindsay Duran has been thinking about as some of her co-workers are slowly starting to come back to the office.


As the chief marketing officer at Zilliant, a B2B startup in Austin, Texas, Duran is helping to make sure there’s enough open meeting space and proper social distancing for her colleagues and visiting customers, many available masks if necessary, and plenty of hand sanitizer.


But after 14 months away, there are other office essentials, perks if you will, that she’s also taking into consideration: Will there be an abundance of snacks around, and, will “Taco Tuesday” and beer on Friday afternoons be back?


“The short answer, yes, we see a lot of those perks returning,” she said.


“At Zilliant, we have what we call an ‘adult culture,’ as the health and safety of our colleagues definitely come first. And, as we start to get critical mass, ‘Taco Tuesday’ will proceed, and so will ‘Beer 30.’


Read the full article on USA Today.