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Apply Pricing Intelligence, Optimize Your Business

With technological changes, demographic changes, and resource concerns, packaging and paper products companies have to innovate and prepare their businesses for market turbulence.

Leaders must protect home-market and export volumes, and find appropriate pricing strategies to suit different regions as well as existing and new business segments.

Zilliant’s pricing solutions allow you to maximize every transaction and grow the lifetime value of every customer with a complete line of B2B price management and price optimization software built to help you align your prices to market dynamics.

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Align Your Prices to Market Changes

With trends such as flexible and recycled packaging becoming more dominant, packaging manufacturers are creating and tailoring products to meet market demands. Capturing profitability from these market trends means setting prices effectively.

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Customers rated Zilliant very highly in value delivered. Customers told us stories on how deploying Zilliant delivered better margin/revenue gains and improved sales skills [more] than they expected and in less time.

IDC MarketScape for B2B Price Optimization Applications, 2018