Security Training Final Thoughts

Maintaining the security of our customers information is absolutely vital to our continued success.

  • We make contractual promises to our customers and are bound by certain government regulations like GDPR to protect customer information
  • Any breach or compromise can be very costly and could affect our ability to sell our solutions to already skeptical customers and prospects.

You are a critical part of making sure we keep our promise of being good stewards of our customer’s data.
So please keep the following in mind:

  • Adhere to strict rules about where the customer data can be loaded.
    • When possible the customer data should not be moved outside of the designated Datacenter.
    • EU customers enjoy special protection under GDPR and there are strict guidelines about moving the data outside the EU.  Be especially careful if you are traveling with your laptop and ensure you are not moving any customer data.
    • Never move customer data to personal devices or online services like OneDrive, Dropbox etc.
    • Only accept data from customers through approved channels like SFTP and APIs.  Do not accept any data over email or other online services.
  • Protect your workspace
    • Ensure you always lock your laptop when you are not present.
    • Don’t leave any printouts or notes with customer information laying around your desk
    • Protect your login credentials to all Zilliant systems, never share login information.

Please contact us for any security concerns.