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Zilliant IQ for Customer Price Management How Best-in-Class Companies Manage Customer Prices.

Manage Customer Price Agreements Profitably

The proliferation and under-management of customer price agreements occurs when B2B organizations don’t provide or adhere to pricing guidance, don’t have pricing controls in place for sales over-rides and exceptions or don’t have one accessible, central location for the agreements themselves. Usually companies are dealing with a combination of all three. So how can pricing teams push out updated customer prices efficiently for action by sales teams  and capture the fair and appropriate value of customer relationships?

Zilliant IQTM for Customer Price Management is a solution that enables B2B companies to scale to the increasing challenge of profitably managing customer pricing, providing a complete set of tools for price management, organizational collaboration, price execution and price optimization.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"We’ve been partnering with Zilliant for years, at this point in time we could not fathom operating the business without this solution."
Brian Ragan, VP of Price Management, Schneider Electric
"Our analytical complexity was a nightmare – account churn was out of control and we didn’t even understand it. Zilliant knew our data and our company. We deployed Sales IQ in 21 countries and had a 125% revenue lift from won opportunities."
Paul Umpleby, Sales and Marketing Director, IMI Precision Engineering
"Partnering with Zilliant, we've de-coupled pricing with cost. When a sales rep looks up pricing on their phone, it has their pre-determined, pre-approved price based on their unique transaction."
Dennis Climer, Director of Commercial Pricing, Shaw Industries