Make Pricing a Significant Source of Profitable Growth

Pricing is a powerful lever to capture untapped revenues and profits from new and existing customers. Yet the massive complexity of transactional pricing has prevented most B2B enterprises from capitalizing on price-related opportunities.

Unlock a new level of value with the most used and most proven optimization solution in B2B. Zilliant’s Price IQ holistically analyzes people, process, and technology to deliver the most value from price optimization.

Zilliant Price IQ

Price IQ’s AI-enabled pricing engine examines data on quotes, agreements, orders, customer size, products, market share and competitor prices to arrive at the most highly personalized prices for the various micro-markets and customers relevant to your business.  Keep pricing continuously aligned to market changes by accounting for true elasticity (volume to price change sensitivity) and pricing constraints.

  • Provides AI/ML driven segmentation and modeling
  • Ensures price consistency across related products and customer groups
  • Data Driven Price Elasticity Modeling predicts how volume will change in response to increases or decreases in price at a segment level
  • Delivers market aligned price guidance (start/target/floor)
  • What/If simulation predicts revenue and profit impacts of different price strategies
  • Recommends customer specific prices
  • Zilliant customer success managers and data scientists focus on your price initiatives to model and maximize the value delivered from your pricing technology investment
Watch The Science Behind Price IQ

No other pricing and sales solutions can compete with the modern multi-tenant architecture that all Zilliant products are built upon. Zilliant leverages the latest available best-of-breed components and highly scalable, multi-tenant platform and hosting technologies.

  • Modern, multi-tenant SaaS architecture minimizes the cost and time required to deliver, evolve and upgrade implementations continuously with innovation versus releases a couple of times per year
  • Scalability via elastic cloud computing to seamlessly manage data volumes of over 1 billion transactions
  • Data security protecting against external and internal threats
  • Implementation times under 12 weeks
  • Integration with best-of-breed platforms and components­