Take Control and Increase Efficiency When Managing Prices

Are you spending too much time organizing pricing data, chasing down pricing spreadsheets, and updating price lists and customer-specific prices?

Zilliant Price Manager helps pricing teams establish, manage and automate the pricing process, adjust prices quickly and accurately, and visualize the financial impact of price changes.

Say goodbye to cumbersome spreadsheets, delays in updating prices and stale prices! Save your pricing teams valuable time and effort!  Gain efficiency and control with Zilliant Price Manager.

Zilliant Price Manager

Zilliant Price Manager is a flexible price management application that enables pricing teams to set, manage and adjust prices according to their chosen pricing approach, calculate the impact of these price changes against their KPIs, update price lists and matrix prices, and automate the roll out of price changes.

  • Replaces Excel
  • Centralizes all price lists in the cloud – scalable & secure
  • Manages multiple price lists and currencies
  • Flexible rules & formula engine
  • Provides real-time analytics of the impact of price changes on KPIs before publishing prices to market
  • Automates mass updates of price lists, quotes & agreements

No other pricing and sales solutions can compete with the modern multi-tenant architecture that all Zilliant products are built upon. Zilliant leverages the latest available best-of-breed components and highly scalable, multi-tenant platform and hosting technologies.

  • Modern, multi-tenant SaaS architecture minimizes the cost and time required to deliver, evolve and upgrade implementations continuously with innovation versus releases a couple of times per year
  • Scalability via elastic cloud computing to seamlessly manage data volumes of over 1 billion transactions
  • Data security protecting against external and internal threats
  • Implementation times under 12 weeks
  • Integration with best-of-breed platforms and components­