Guided Selling for Sales Growth

Maximize share-of-wallet for every transaction while minimizing customer churn.

Zilliant Sales Growth Solutions provide omnichannel, AI-driven, account-specific action plans that automatically deliver real-time, prioritized cross-sell, upsell, recovery, online, and point-of-purchase insights.

Equip Sales Teams to Source Additional Revenue and Profit

Uncover hidden opportunities with Zilliant’s Sales Growth Solutions. Leverage our insights and take the actions necessary for your sales teams to reach revenue and margin targets.

Zilliant’s latest Global B2B Benchmark Study discovered that manufacturers, distributors, and services companies lose from 8% to over 30% in revenue due to customer churn and missed cross-sell opportunities. A $1 billion company that applies the appropriate analytics techniques could identify sources of leakage and implement corrective actions to recover up to $300 million in revenue or $134 million in annual profit!

2019 Global B2B Benchmark Study