Grow Customer Revenue, Reduce Customer Churn.

How will your sales teams meet your growth targets? How do you keep competitors from stealing your best customers? It’s impossible for your sales teams to address every potential threat and growth opportunity at all times.

Zilliant Sales IQ™ is a patented, AI-driven engine that generates and delivers prioritized growth and retention opportunities that are uniquely tailored for each customer, and provides actionable recommendations that help sales reps maximize the value of existing accounts.

Zilliant Sales IQ

Identify the best opportunities to retain and grow customer relationships by providing sales teams with the right insights.

  • Prevent customer defection through patented machine learning algorithms that identify at-risk business before it’s too late
  • Surface hidden opportunities at scale with AI-enriched technology that evaluates, quantifies, and reveals what products existing customers should be buying, based on what they’ve purchased in the past and what they’re purchasing now
  • Identify precise, customer-specific cross-sell and up-sell opportunities at a scale impossible to achieve through manual analysis
  • Prioritize the most valuable and actionable opportunities to achieve maximum impact

No other pricing and sales solutions can compete with the modern multi-tenant architecture that all Zilliant products are built upon. Zilliant leverages the latest available best-of-breed components and highly scalable, multi-tenant platform and hosting technologies.

  • Modern, multi-tenant SaaS architecture minimizes the cost and time required to deliver, evolve and upgrade implementations continuously with innovation versus releases a couple of times per year
  • Scalability via elastic cloud computing to seamlessly manage data volumes of over 1 billion transactions
  • Data security protecting against external and internal threats
  • Implementation times under 12 weeks
  • Integration with best-of-breed platforms and components­