Every organization is unique, and each industry or market has distinctive characteristics.
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Dissolve Margin Pressure and Customer Churn

Globalization, commoditization, consolidation, and operational complexity are all causes of churn for specialty chemical and plastics distributors. To make sure this does not result in lost opportunities, distributors must use data analytics, gain a competitive edge relating to their relationships with manufacturers, and access local customers. General and specialty chemical distributors need to have the right product portfolios at the right prices, and the strongest access to buyers.

Predictive guidance from Zilliant can help.

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Maintain Profit Margins in a Dynamic Market

Competitiveness for specialty chemical manufacturers is just as big a priority as innovation and sustainability. In general, the emerging markets offer more dynamic prospects for the specialty chemicals industry because of rising consumer-driven economies and industrialization. However, low-cost producers and the trend of commoditization threatens profitability.

Zilliant’s Pricing Solutions are built to help manufacturing leaders price effectively in a competitive market.

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