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Why Zilliant?

Use data and artificial intelligence to capitalize on business complexity in B2B manufacturing, distribution and industrial services. Get pricing right on every quote. Quickly deploy strategic sales and pricing plays based on changing market, cost and competitive dynamics. Improve revenue and profitability through smarter commercial decisions.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"We’ve been partnering with Zilliant for years, at this point in time we could not fathom operating the business without this solution."
Brian Ragan, VP of Price Management, Schneider Electric
"Our analytical complexity was a nightmare – account churn was out of control and we didn’t even understand it. Zilliant knew our data and our company. We deployed Sales IQ in 21 countries and had a 125% revenue lift from won opportunities."
Paul Umpleby, Sales and Marketing Director, IMI Precision Engineering
"Partnering with Zilliant, we've de-coupled pricing with cost. When a sales rep looks up pricing on their phone, it has their pre-determined, pre-approved price based on their unique transaction."
Dennis Climer, Director of Commercial Pricing, Shaw Industries

Let Our Solutions Work For You

Zilliant IQ Platform

Zilliant uses AI to deliver actionable, real-time sales and pricing intelligence for traditional and digital channels, so that B2B companies with global selling environments can maximize the immediate value of every transaction - and the lifetime value of every customer.

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Price IQ

Measure price elasticity at the micro-market level, predict the impact of price changes and execute optimal pricing strategies to achieve P&L objectives.

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Sales IQ

Identify cross-sell, upsell and customer retention insights that impact sales efforts to grow revenue and retain accounts.

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Action IQ

Prioritize and assign actionable insights and account-specific guidance to sales representatives and measure response. Connects agreements to transactions and continuously monitor performance and compliance.

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Cart IQ

Provide SKU-level, AI-driven complementary product recommendations that integrate into your eCommerce platform to recommend items a customer is most likely to purchase at the time of order.

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