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Learn why leading B2B companies choose Zilliant.

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Explore what our dedicated team of B2B pricing and sales experts can do in your business.

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The Hidden Costs of Ineffective and Inefficient Pricing (Sept 24)

Join us for this data-packed and actionable session on improving the hidden costs of ineffective and inefficient pricing in your business.

[PwC + Zilliant Webinar] Take Pricing to the Next Level

Join this webinar with PwC and Zilliant to learn how to take pricing to the next level in your organization, regardless of where you are on your pricing journey.

Real-Time Market Pricing for Industrial Manufacturers

Join this webinar with SAP and Zilliant to learn how to solve for inherent challenges manufacturers face in determining and managing e-commerce pricing.

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Optimizing the LAER Process

Join this webinar to learn how global technology firms are leveraging data science-driven pricing and sales solutions to help their sales organizations and channel partners.

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Real Time Pricing Strategy

Learn how Zilliant is enabling real time market price updates using dynamic data.

[Zilliant + Salesforce Webinar] Deliver Market-Aligned Price Guidance to Sales

Learn tactics you can use to generate market-aligned prices and seamlessly make these prices available to sales reps in Salesforce CPQ.

EPP: Finding & Fixing Margin Leakage in Customer-Specific Pricing

Discover what it takes to set and update customer-specific pricing that retains a healthy margin and satisfies customers.

Pricing Science Works

Discover how a pricing science approach enables companies to proactively manage pricing to best drive long-term customer value.

Driving Profitable Growth with Actionable Intelligence and AI

Hear how IMI Precision Engineering helped their sales teams deal effectively with more customer accounts, more products and larger quotas than ever before.

How to Achieve Omnichannel Pricing with B2B eCommerce

Get best practices from Smart Selling Tools and Zilliant on how to achieve omnichannel pricing with B2B eCommerce.

Restructuring Your Sales Team When Incorporating eComm

Get best practices from Indian River Consulting Group on how a combination of sales organization behavior changes & technology can help you deploy eCommerce in your business.

Achieving Digital Maturity in Manufacturing

Join FPX and Zilliant for a discussion on how manufacturers can achieve the level of digital maturity that their customers demand.

Three Metrics That Indicate The Health of Customer Price Agreements

Hear from featured speaker Debbie Grigg, vice president, field initiatives & sales enablement at Veritiv on best practices to maintain healthy customer price agreements.

How to Leverage AI to Drive Better Commercial Decisions and Profitable Growth in B2B

Explore profit margin loss caused by sales ineffectiveness and learn how technology solutions simplify sales and pricing complexity with the Rubix Group.

How AI-Enabled Sales Intelligence Drives Revenue For Manufacturers

Learn how actionable AI-enabled sales intelligence can drive revenue for manufacturers.

Hammer Time! Finding & Fixing Margin Leakage in Customer-Specific Pricing

Reimagine approaches to achieving major margin improvements by more effectively managing customer-specific pricing.

Better than a Crystal Ball: Pricing Tactics for a (Potentially) Recessionary Period

Hear tactics to keep your business on track when recessionary fears become reality.

Upgrade Your Customer-Specific Pricing

Dissect the complexities of customer-specific prices in B2B distribution and chart a path toward fixing them in this discussion led by Modern Distribution Management.

Pricing Reimagined: Deliver Profitable Growth in B2B

Learn why price matters and how it can be used as the most impactful lever to improve profits and revenue.

Reimagine Global & Country List Price Management

Rethink your approach to managing global and country list prices and explore best practices with Sam Leung, Zilliant's product experience manager.

Price Modes: Setting a Standard & Updating Lists Across Countries

Take a visually engaging tour through B2B pricing, leave with a framework for how pricing should work, and see the results that can be achieved by tackling each price mode.

Real-Time Market Pricing for eCommerce Distribution

Map out how distributors can respond effectively to the ways COVID-19 has elevated the need for a consistent and more responsive customer experience on digital platforms as well as offline.

Copperberg Manufacturing Pricing Excellence 2020

Check out some of the most talked about Zilliant content from Copperberg's virtual event.

Outside the Algorithm: How to Deploy AI & Drive Organizational Change

Discover what it takes to set and update customer-specific pricing that retains a healthy margin and satisfies customers.

Capital Pricing Consultants: Planning for a Strong Recovery: Dealing with Facts Not Fear

Learn pricing strategies to protect your company's profitability, as we adjust to new norms with pricing expert Lydia M. Di Liello.

Real-Time Market Pricing for eCommerce (presented with Salesforce)

Learn why it is vital to be able to adapt quickly to changing market conditions while ensuring price consistency across online and offline sales channels.

Strategies for a Successful Commercial Reboot Post-Covid

Hear Zilliant and Deloitte discuss how companies that focus on commercial excellence as opposed to price cuts, are poised to outperform during the post-Covid recovery.