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Why Zilliant
Learn why leading B2B companies choose Zilliant.

Zilliant helps our customers power intelligent commerce by connecting commercial strategies with effective execution through cloud-native pricing and sales software.

Customer Success
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Watch: Zilliant Price Manager Overview
In this 3-minute video, see how Price Manager helps B2B companies deliver contextually-relevant pricing that’s flexible enough to move as quickly as costs and market conditions do.
Simplify onerous price and rebate management tasks

Streamline burdensome tasks with a flexible pricing and rebate solution and get greater control of pricing as market conditions change.

Manage Prices with Ease

Price Manager makes it easier to aggregate data, provides ample processing power to manipulate massive amounts of data, helps pricers understand the implications of each price change, and provides workflow to seek the necessary reviews and approvals.

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Tackle All Price Types

B2B companies transact business across multiple different price types – list, matrix, rebates, negotiated and agreements – adding to the complexity of the price setting process. Price Manager is the only solution that simplifies setting and managing each price type in a highly configurable interface. Use Price Manager as a price setting tool or as your pricing system of record in conjunction with the Zilliant Real-Time Pricing Engine.

Generate and Deliver Dynamic, Omnichannel Pricing

Quickly getting the prices into hands of sales or in front of customers can be the difference between winning the deal or losing it. Price Manager provides unparalleled capabilities to dynamically update prices and deliver them seamlessly into any ERP, CRM, CPQ or eCommerce system.

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Streamline Rebate Management

Stop managing this complicated, multi-departmental process manually, using spreadsheets and legacy systems. Rely on Price Manager to define and publish rebate programs, simulate forward-looking program effectiveness, run accruals, track rebate payments due and perform backward-looking waterfall analysis.

Price Manager Features
Price Management
Intelligent and Flexible Segmentation Management
Mass Update Capability
Rebate Management
Visual Analytics & Measurement
Simple Data Integration
Improve Margins and Eliminate Burdensome Pricing Processes
Simplify Price Management
The task of updating prices due to cost changes, margin objectives and other market factors is often manual and time-consuming, prone to errors and inevitable frustration. Let Price Manager do the heavy lifting and get out of inflexible software tools and spreadsheets.
Shortest Time to Value
With our intense focus on customer success, IDC notes that Zilliant customers realize the shortest time to value. Get started with Price Manager in just a few short weeks.
Customer Success
Measuring financial and operational benefits, and identifying opportunities for improvement, are just some of the ways our customer success managers deliver value.
Watch Demo: Global and Country Price List Management
In this short demo, see how Zilliant Price Manager makes it easy to streamline the management of global and country list prices.
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