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Our Platform and SaaS applications are specifically tailored to meet the pricing, sales and commercial needs of B2B manufacturing, distribution, and services companies.

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We take the time to understand each customer’s unique needs, problems, pain points, and desired outcomes while applying more than 20 years of pricing and sales expertise specific to B2B industries.

Why Zilliant
Learn why leading B2B companies choose Zilliant.

Zilliant helps our customers reimagine how to tackle sales and pricing challenges through smarter software and data science.

Customer Success
Explore what our dedicated team of B2B pricing and sales experts can do in your business.

Enabling customer success is our top priority. Learn how we deliver measurable benefit and drive long-term success.

Reduce customer churn and increase same-customer sales

Turn data into actionable insights that sales teams will pursue. Zilliant’s predictive sales guidance solution helps you capitalize on your best source of revenue growth.

Grow Wallet Share

With large product catalogs and large books of business to manage, it can be nearly impossible to spot opportunities to expand wallet share. Sales IQ uses advanced data science to reveal what customers should be buying based on your “ideal” customers.

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Reduce Customer Churn

Spotting defection when it begins is a challenging task for sales reps. Sales IQ identifies “at-risk” customers that are showing early signs of defection on one or more product categories using advanced, patented algorithms to serve up specific areas where revenue is declining or has been completely lost.

Prioritize Sales Efforts

Without understanding customer potential and crafting an action plan for what to talk about with customers, deciding where best to spend time to maximize revenue is a guessing game. Let Sales IQ help sales reps create action plans to prioritize their time with the customers most likely to buy more.

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Enable Faster Onboarding of New Sales Reps

Onboarding new sales reps can often take six to nine months. Cut down the time it takes to make reps fully productive with Sales IQ.

Zilliant Customer Story: Pro a Pro
See how foodservice distributor Pro a Pro is growing wallet share with actionable customer insights.
Grow Revenue, Retain Wallet Share and Reduce Churn
Guided Action for Sales
Many times, your best prospect is a current customer. Point sales reps to the customers most likely to buy more and the customers at risk of defecting, and help reps prioritize their time to sell more for more.
Demonstrable Financial Benefit
Sales IQ customers realize the highest ROI, according to a recent IDC report. Our customers routinely see same customer sales increases of 5 to 15% and a significant reduction in customer churn.
Shortest Time to Value
With our intense focus on customer success, IDC notes that Zilliant customers realize the shortest time to value. Get started with Sales IQ insights in as few as 6 weeks.
Customer Success
Driving sales rep adoption, measuring financial and operational benefits, and identifying opportunities for improvement, are just some of the ways our customer success managers deliver value.
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Custom Insights
Account Analytics for Every Customer
Closed-loop Tracking and Benefit Measurement
Simple Integration
Learn more about the predictive sales guidance solution delivering 5 to 15% revenue growth in same customer sales.
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