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Learn more about how Zilliant is helping companies power intelligent commerce and deliver profitable growth. Explore this collection of trends, case studies, in-depth analyses, strategies and tactics to address your most important pricing and sales challenges.

Why Zilliant
Learn why leading B2B companies choose Zilliant.

Zilliant helps our customers power intelligent commerce by connecting commercial strategies with effective execution through cloud-native pricing and sales software.

Customer Success
Explore what our dedicated team of B2B pricing and sales experts can do in your business.

Enabling customer success is our top priority. Learn how we deliver measurable benefit and drive long-term success.

Watch: Zilliant Revenue Operations & Intelligence Solutions
In this 3-minute video, see how Sales IQ, Campaign Manager and Sales Planner help companies pinpoint and maximize the best margin and revenue growth opportunities for sales teams.
Learn more about how Zilliant Sales Planner is changing the revenue operations and intelligence game.
Product Data Sheet
Make good on the promise of CRM with actionable insights for sales

Prompt sales reps to take the actions mostly likely to result in revenue and margin growth. Sales Planner helps sales reps prioritize and track accounts and actions to achieve growth targets, delivering a 5 to 15% increase in same customer sales.

Deliver Customer-Specific Actions

Producing an insight is only useful if you can make it actionable. Deliver insights from any Zilliant application, including Sales IQ, Price IQ, or Price Manager, or user-defined custom actions directly to sales reps to help them prioritize opportunities to grow revenue and margin, and track adoption and sales rep behavior.

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Prioritize Sales Efforts

It can be hard to operationalize commercial strategies into specific actions for the sales team. Let Sales Planner be the way you guide sales reps to the opportunities and actions most likely to meet commercial goals, with customer-specific actions configured in Zilliant Campaign Manager.

Enable Faster Onboarding of New Sales Reps

Onboarding new sales reps can often take six to nine months. Cut down the time it takes to make reps fully productive by directing sales rep actions with Sales Planner.

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Product Features
Deliver Insights
Customize Action Cards
Account Analytics for Every Customer
Closed-loop Tracking and Benefit Measurement
Get Insights With or Without CRM
Guide Sales Reps to the Best Actions to Grow Revenue
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Image: Guided Action for Sales
Guided Action for Sales
Ensure strategic corporate initiatives are executed in the field. Prioritize actions for sales reps to reduce churn, win-back lost business, grow wallet share, sell excess inventory, pitch the right products to prospects, and sell more for more.
Image: Demonstrable Financial Benefit
Demonstrable Financial Benefit
Sales IQ and Sales Planner customers realize the highest ROI, according to a recent IDC report. Our customers routinely see same customer sales increases of 5 to 15% and a significant reduction in customer churn.
Image: Shortest Time to Value
Shortest Time to Value
With our intense focus on customer success, IDC notes that Zilliant customers realize the shortest time to value. Get started with Sales Planner in as few as 3 weeks.
Image: Customer Success
Customer Success
Driving sales rep adoption, measuring financial and operational benefits, and identifying opportunities for improvement, are just some of the ways our customer success managers deliver value.
Watch: Zilliant Demo Series: Revenue Operations & Intelligence
In this webinar, see how Zilliant’s revenue operations and intelligence solutions are enabling companies to profitably grow revenue through highly targeted customer actions that guide sales reps and enable unmatched personalized recommendations for customers.
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