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Inflation Toolkit

Is prolonged inflation on the horizon? Or will it prove to be a short-term phenomenon? Either way, B2B companies need to act with speed, agility, and precision when responding to increasing (or decreasing) costs. Whatever part of the inflation curve you’re in, here is some key content that features strategies to stay ahead of the competition and unlock profitability in today’s inflation-marked economy.
[WHITEPAPER] INFLATION & BEYOND: 5 Margin-And-Revenue-Driving Strategies

As inflation rates remain stubbornly high around the globe, B2B companies that rely on manual pricing tools and processes are at a significant disadvantage and even risk margin or volume loss as prices come down. Read this whitepaper to discover five critical strategies for reacting quickly when market triggers cause prices to move or necessitate the sales team to pivot focus.

[PODCAST] Inflation, Value-Based Pricing and Trucking

Gene Metheny, partner at Carlisle & Company, joined our B2B Reimagined podcast to discuss the macroeconomic problems B2B companies are facing and the next shift in supply and demand. Listen to learn about the potential for executing value-based pricing in trucking and beyond – by interpolating between the market data that you have and the data you don’t have to derive a value hypothesis.

[WEBINAR] Get Ahead of Inflation with Proven Pricing Strategies

As input prices continue to rise, margin leakage grows for many B2B companies because the legacy tools and processes are completely inadequate to deal with inflationary pressures. A new era demands new pricing strategies. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how companies can embrace an innovative approach to price management to get ahead of inflation – and their competition.

[PODCAST] Rush Enterprises Overcomes Supply Chain and Inflation Challenges with Data Science

The heavy-duty truck parts industry has not been spared from the economic upheaval of the last two-plus years. Listen to this episode of our B2B Reimagined podcast to hear Gonzalo Benitez, pricing and data analytics manager at Rush Enterprises, discuss how data-driven tools have been critical to executing cost pass-through and enabling transparent communication with customers.

[WEBINAR] Prevent Margin Dilution in the Post-Inflation Era – An Industry Discussion

Watch this webinar to learn how commercial teams can approach declining inflation, new price levels, changing buyer behavior, and more. Gain perspective from both practitioners and solution providers as experts from Marmon, Ducker Carlisle, and Zilliant come together for a timely industry dialogue.

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