Why Zilliant

Zilliant is the partner of choice for global B2B enterprises seeking business growth strategies to drive top-line growth and profit margins with AI-based software and customer predictive analytics solutions that maximize customer lifetime value.

The B2B Standard

Leading B2B companies around the world depend on Zilliant as their strategic partner in the age of AI.

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Proven AI Deployments

With over 15,000 users in 90 countries receiving insights across 14 vertical B2B industries, Zilliant IQ is the most advanced and broadly deployed use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics in B2B enterprise markets.

Unmatched B2B Business Expertise

Zilliant brings the software industry’s deepest expertise in the unique levers driving financial performance of large B2B organizations.

Cloud Leadership

Zilliant is a trusted partner in helping B2B enterprises transition to cloud-based architectures – 100% of Zilliant’s enterprise customers are deployed in the cloud.

The Customer Lifetime Value Solution

Zilliant IQ is the only AI-enriched SaaS platform that allows B2B enterprises to maximize the lifetime value of their customer relationships.

The Best Organic Growth Strategy to Hit Your Numbers

Expanding the economic value of existing customers is the most reliable, predictable and actionable way to grow revenues and enhance margins. Period.

Customer Data Generates More Valuable AI

AI becomes more valuable once B2B customer transactions and ERP data can be leveraged vs. lightweight solutions that help score the pre-acquisition funnel.

Greater ROI and Improved Sales Effectivenss

It costs B2B enterprises 5x more to acquire a new customer vs. selling to an existing customer.

Greater Revenue Predictability

The probability of closing an existing customer sale is 60-70%, vs. a 5-20% likelihood of closing a new customer sale.

Unmatched Business Impact

For B2B enterprises, Zilliant’s impact on both the top and bottom line deliver unprecedented ROI and impact on financial success.

Maximize Customer Lifetime Value

Within enterprise B2B verticals, Zilliant deployments are proven to expand the lifetime value of existing customers by 20% or more over time.

Measurable Growth of Revenue and Profits

Zilliant customers consistently achieve incremental revenue and profit growth rates of 5-15%, producing a 10x – 20x return on their Zilliant investments.

Tuned for Financial Performance

The prescriptive intelligence produced by Zilliant IQ can be tuned by senior management to emphasize financial metrics that most influence enterprise value.

Reveals the Path to Success

In support of strategic business planning and revenue forecasting, Zilliant IQ identifies the most actionable paths to hitting revenue and margin targets.

Unique Technology Advantages

Zilliant’s unique technology advantages combine to deliver the most complete, holistic solution for enterprise B2B organizations.

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Leading B2B AI Software

Zilliant IQ transforms historical and ongoing transaction data into unmatched sales guidance for capturing the economic potential of each existing customer.

Superior Multi-Tenant Architecture

Zilliant IQ is the only solution that delivers customer lifetime value intelligence in a true multi-tenant SaaS architecture.

Every Customer Touchpoint

With Zilliant IQ customer lifetime value intelligence is delivered seamlessly within existing sales workflows, CRM and CPQ systems and eCommerce channels.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Zilliant’s multi-tenant architecture, rapid deployment and integration cycles, and self-maintaining AI engines radically increase customer ROI over time.

Rapid Deployment

Our highly-productized AI software and implementation best practices reduce the need for customization, accelerating time-to-value and driving down the cost of deployment.

Multi-Tenant Architecture

Zilliant IQ’s true multi-tenant SaaS architecture minimizes the cost and time required to deliver, evolve and upgrade our customer implementations.

Open, Automated Data Integration

Zilliant IQ Anywhere makes it easy to turn siloed enterprise data into prescriptive insights, by automating manual data processes normally associated with AI-powered deployments.

Smart AI Technology

Zilliant IQ is smart technology that evolves dynamically based on changes in demand and behavioral patterns, without manual intervention from administrators.

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